The school follows the SSC Board curriculum. Mathematics and Science, the two subjects which form the core of all competitive exams are taught with a different methodology wherein the child is required to come up with answers using logic and reasoning and rote learning is discouraged. A specially designed child-centered curriculum is followed in grade 1 and 2. The curriculum is designed to help the child learn by doing. An overall development of mind, body and spirit is the center of this curriculum.

The school was founded on the principle of providing education to all without any discrimination. Living this principle the school embraces even slow learners and through remedial teaching and counseling sessions provides every possible help to enable them overcome their difficulties.

The students are encouraged and trained in school to appear for exams like the State Scholarship Exam, HomiBhabhaExam, Olympiads, NTSE and the Elementary and Intermediate Drawing exams.

Co-Curricular Activities


Lawrentians believe that education is not restricted just to the classroom, education for us is what the child learns through his/her own experiences. It is our responsibility to provide them with the opportunities to learn through experiences.

Activities and Competitions held in school serve as a platform for students to tap their inherent potential and help them to build confidence. Competitions like Poetry Recitation, Story Telling, Elocution, Drawing, Poster Making on Wisdom, Courage and Compassion, Handwriting and Mask Making Competition are organized for various classes.


The girl guides of classes 8 and 9 are given vocational training and grooming lessons. Cooking, stitching, pot decoration, flower decoration, table setting and table manners are taught to them. Treks and camps are organized for the Boy Scouts, through which they learn discipline, the importance of team work, shouldering responsibility and ……..

Socio-cultural development of the students is given prime importance. Festivals of all religions as well as cultural fests are organized and the students are encouraged to participate in them thereby enriching them socially as well as culturally. The senior students themselves organize the festivals thereby making it into a unique learning experience.

Sports and Cultural Event


A Sports and Cultural event is organized with the intention to encourage more students to take up various sports.This helps to instill the spirit of healthy competition and to promote essential qualities like sportsmanship, team-spirit and co-operation among the students as well as the teachers. A variety of inter-house sporting events as well as dances and drills are put up by the kids for the fest.


Annual functions are organized to provide the students with an opportunity to perform on stage in front of a large audience, which thereby boosts their confidence and helps them overcome stage fear. The importance of co-operation, co-ordination and teamwork is instilled in the students through these functions. The themes chosen help imbibe in students wisdom, courage, compassion and respect for all. It also aims at tapping the inherent potential within each child and harnessing it.

Our endeavour is to encourage large number of children to participate and to tap their inherent potential through such activities.

Also, every year at the Annual function we give awards to our students of class 10 who have in some way or other made a difference, grown and proved themselves during their school years. We applaud them for their various qualities they possess and have developed, and the laurels they have achieved.