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A visit to Outer Space!

“Twinkle twinkle little star

How I wonder what you are?”

This rhyme is one of the first that any child hears, and it arouses their curiosity about the bright and shiny stars in our Universe. To learn more about the world outside our world, the Grade 2 and 4 students of St. Lawrence High School and Junior College went to Yashwantrao Chavan Planetarium for a field trip.

The children were awed to see how constellations are made, which stars to follow when lost, how sun signs are formed, how the planets move in the Milky Way, and how many such galaxies are there in our Universe.

Field trips can create wonder and excitement for learning, and so educators should encourage field trips as a tool to pique the curiosity of every child. Textbooks can hold lots of information but when complemented with such visits to interesting places, they come alive for students.

What a way to start offline studies after two years! St. Lawrence High School and Junior College is always all for the best interests of every little life!

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