Designed and built with care, filled with creative elements



The school boasts of a sprawling playground. It has spacious, airy and cheerful classrooms, activity rooms, indoor playroom facilities and a basketball court. A well equipped computer room enables students to acquire modern networking techniques to meet the challenges of the 21st century.


A special feature of the school is the Daisaku Ikeda Library, housed in a colonial structured building. Equipped with 5000 books, state of the art computers, the library offers reading pleasure and internet facility to students, parents and visitors.


The transport of students is made quick and convenient
due to a fleet of buses with well-planned routing.

Large Playground

A playground of 4000 sq.mts area provides ample space
for the child to play to his heart’s content.

Audio-Visual room

Researches have proven that children learn better when they view things for themselves rather than just imagining it. Audio-visual technology brings the lesson alive, makes learning fun and helps retain concepts. Movies with meaning and morals are shown to the students and then discussed with them wherein they share their views on the same.


A state of the art laboratory is designed to help enhance the scientific concepts of the students. Students starting from grade 1 are encouraged to use the lab. All equipment and chemicals required for experiments are available. More than 65 students can conduct experiment simultaneously.


Listening is the first step in learning a language. To boost the language development of our students, an extensive E-Library is made available to them. This includes listening to stories, activities which involve focused and concentrated listening.

Hygiene and Sanitation

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. To ensure the child’s good health, proper hygiene and sanitation is maintained. The children are taught the importance of general hygiene and these are reinforced throughout their stay with us. Purified clean drinking water is made available for both staff and students.

Safety Measures

We believe ‘prevention is better than cure’. Hence utmost attention is paid to the safety of students. Child-safe furniture is used in the classrooms. All electrical switches are beyond the reach of the students. Non- slippery flooring ensures that the child can run without the fear of falling. Fire extinguishers are installed and periodical maintenance is ensured. A detailed exit plan is followed for the convenience and safety of parents and children. Buses, vans and auto-rickshaws are allotted numbers and the children are let out of the school as per the numbers. The building is surrounded with high boundary walls and fencing and a trained guard monitors the visitors to school.
Parents and students are issued colour-coded Identity cards which enables, easy and fool-proof identification at any point of time.
In case of an emergency, the school has a tie-up with a hospital to provide for immediate medical care to both staff and students.

Public Address System

A public address system is used to make announcements, emergency notifications and play music.