Designed and built with care, filled with creative elements


“Children are precious and we, at St. Lawrence High School and Junior College, value the child’s happiness.”

A well maintained, ventilated building, a spacious sports ground, a well equipped library, science and computer lab; trained and experienced teachers; humble and courteous management and staff are what make St. Lawrence High School and Junior College a unique institution.

Children are precious and we, at St. Lawrence High School and Junior College, value the child’s happiness. Infact, that is the focal point of our existence. We don’t believe in doling out robots ; for us every child is special and worthy of respect. Hence, we encourage each child to identify his strengths and interests and then work alongside to enable him to tap his potential thereby making him confident, secure and bold.

At our institute, to cope with the fast moving times, specialized trainers and educators update the staff from time to time, thus exposing the children to the latest methods and techniques and giving them a better chance to take on the cut throat world of competition.

Respect and courtesy is a way of life in our organization. Children are encouraged to think beyond themselves and happily they find means of contributing to the lives of others by empathising and sharing with the ‘not so fortunate’.

Special time is allotted to inculcating values like wisdom, courage and compassion through visits to orphanages and activites with the neighbouring societies and reading, enacting fables.

At St. Lawrence High School and Junior College, through co-curricular activities, sports and special individual attention, we strive to enable the child to believe in himself and his strengths and to hone his skills to help him become a well rounded personality, thereby preparing him to take on the future with a smile.


Summan Datta,
Managing Trustee and Founder Principal