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Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. – Margaret Cousins

Abiding with the legacy of the school, this year too, St. Lawrence High School & Jr. College appreciated the students and teachers for their efforts to outdo other classes in various areas.
Staying true with the school motto – ‘I, Too, Can Make A Difference’, the school adopted SDG goals as the theme of the year, to make students aware of the importance of overall development of human race and protection of Mother Earth. To reiterate the same all the assemblies and corridor charts were based on the 17 goals of SDG. And the classes who conveyed the message exceptionally well were awarded with wonderful gifts to each and every child of the class along with the teachers.
The classes were also awarded for being the Most Disciplined Class and for maintaining exceptional neatness in the class. The students who raised the Lawrentian banner higher by winning different Inter-School were also given gifts.
The students’ happiness knew no bounds after receiving the gifts and pledged with grateful hearts to be the best in every aspects of the life.

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