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ऊँ नमो विघ्नराजाय सर्वसौख्यप्रदायिने।
दुष्टारिष्टविनाशाय पराय परमात्मने॥

We, at St. Lawrence High School and Junior College, welcomed Lord Ganesha to our school with a lot of fervor and pomp.

The Ganeshutsav went on for five days where the students of class 9 took up the complete charge of organizing the event. From making the eco-friendly ganpati idol, to decorating the pandal with a pertinent theme, to inviting the parents from each class to be a part of the celebration to arranging for all required materials, to distributing the prasad, the students took the responsibility head on. Organizing this event helped them learn organizational skills, time management as well as making and maintaining a budget.

The Aarti was performed twice a day where two different classes were called to seek the blessings of bappa. With heavy hearts we bid adieu to bappa on the fifth day by immersing the idol in a tub of water in the school.

We believe through our own actions we can showcase how our festivals can be celebrated without causing harm to the environment. Hence, the entire celebration had one central objective – being eco-friendly.

Celebrating the festival together in school also promotes religious tolerance, which today is ever so important.

We hope that Lord Ganesha blesses each one of us with wisdom, happiness and peace. We now wait eagerly for bappa to arrive next year and spread the joy around.

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