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“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated.” —R. Collier

And yet again the students of St. Lawrence High School & Jr. College have proven the aforesaid by excelling in the Literary and Mathematics Competition held at Silver Oak Universal School.

In the Declamation Competition, Miss Shravani Shinde bagged the 1st prize while Miss Mehvish Ansari bagged the 3rd. The young orators powerfully illustrated the ideas of Malaya Yousafzai and Kiran Bedi.

Miss Durva Kulkarni stood 3rd while Mst. Harshit Maurya bagged consolation prize in the unique Math-O-Matic competition, a unique puzzle fostering mathematical thinking.

The Lawrentian students are exposed to numerous oratory and other competitions via Inter and Intra school events. They have set a high standard for themselves and are always willing to participate and win.

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