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“A drop of ink may make a million think” Lord Byron

The Grade 1 students at St. Lawrence High School and Junior College learn about new authors every month in their academic year. This week the students learnt about Shel Silverstein – who was an American writer, poet and cartoonist, born in Chicago.

The Students read books and poems written by him namely – ‘The light in the attic’, ‘Where the sidewalk ends’, ‘The Missing Piece’, and more. They learnt a solid moral from ‘The giving tree’ – which was that the best thing you can offer and give to a loved one is your time.

The students also learnt that, Shel Silverstein was a genius who knew how to move you with short and simple lines and minimalist art. By trying to follow his art techniques the first graders delved in some line drawing too & they created their own masterpieces.

From Shel Silverstein’s books they learnt how they can explore different avenues of creativity while expressing their imagination.

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