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And after putting in a lot of preparation, the students of St. Lawrence High School and Junior College have once again proven their mettle by winning in various competitions like Declamation, Quizzard, Extempore, Fancy Dress, Poetry Recitation, Book Cover Making, Advertisement Making, at the Inter- School Competition organised by Fravashi School.Yash Ghodekar of class 5 won the 2nd Prize in Fancy DressShravani Shinde of class 10 won the 2nd Prize in ExtemporeDevansh Patil of class 6 won the 3rd Prize in ExtemporePayal Patil of class 10 won the 2nd Prize

St. Lawrence High School & Junior College celebrated Hindi Diwas with great enthusiasm and a poignant theme that centred around pollution and the personified grief of soil and rivers. The program featured a diverse range of performances, including a captivating welcome dance, a heartfelt Hindi speech, a melodious song by the school choir, and a powerful musical presentation titled "Dharati ki Pukar," which depicted the grief and agony of the soil and rivers, illustrating the detrimental effects of harmful pollution on these vital natural resources. The Hindi Diwas celebration at St. Lawrence

A two-day workshop on making eco-friendly Ganapati idols was held at St. Lawrence High School & Junior College for the students of classes 5 to 8, and was aimed at promoting creativity and environmental awareness. The workshop was conducted by Mrs. Sharmila Bagade. She guided the students through the process of making Ganapati idols from shadu mati, a natural clay that is non-toxic and biodegradable. The students were encouraged to be creative and innovative in their designs. The workshop was a great success. The students were accompanied by their parents, enjoyed learning