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We won’t have a home if we destroy the environment!

Nature has its own balance. The environment and hence all living beings rest on this delicate balance. However human activities have disturbed this balance. As a result almost all aspects of the environment have been polluted.

In St. Lawrence High School and Junior College, the students learned about air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution. They learned the causes of all these like – industrial activities, throwing garbage in water, deforestation, lots of fire crackers etc.

They observed air pollution using transparent sheets and realised how grave a problem it is. They already started planning how to take small steps to reduce pollution. They decided to begin with their own homes by segregating wet and dry garbage which massively helps in recycling.

Students are our greatest treasures. They are our future and their future is in our hands. Let’s be responsible by teaching them how to live sustainably and wisely.

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