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A two-day workshop on making eco-friendly Ganapati idols was held at St. Lawrence High School & Junior College for the students of classes 5 to 8, and was aimed at promoting creativity and environmental awareness. The workshop was conducted by Mrs. Sharmila Bagade. She guided the students through the process of making Ganapati idols from shadu mati, a natural clay that is non-toxic and biodegradable. The students were encouraged to be creative and innovative in their designs. The workshop was a great success. The students were accompanied by their parents, enjoyed learning

We at St. Lawrence High School and Junior College celebrated Teacher's Day on 5th of September with fervour and zeal. The senior students expressed gratitude, regard and respect towards teachers by teaching the younger kids. The students also expressed their feelings towards their teachers by presenting them with greeting cards and flowers. A special surprise celebration was organised by the school management for teachers. A Teacher’s Day Out was planned and it was truly a feast for all. Each one had a great time admiring the beautiful scenery . It was

The staff and students of St. Lawrence High School and Junior College celebrated the Founder’s Day of the school by organizing a massive donation campaign.Inculcating the values of the Founder, Mrs. Summan Datta, among the students was the primary motive of this donation campaign. Learning from her spirit of generosity and caring and sharing, the students of all grades, from grade 1 to 10 participated in this donation campaign.A vast quantity of stationery, food grains, toiletries were donated by the students and parents. The students of class 9 painstakingly organized