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On the occasion of the birth anniversary of our former President, Dr. A.P.J. Kalam, 15th October is celebrated as 'Reading Day' annually.At St. Lawrence High School and Junior College too, the occasion was celebrated with great enthusiasm. Books of different genres and categories were displayed beautifully in the form of an exhibition. The students read aloud pieces from their favourite books and shared about their favourite authors.At St. Lawrence, we are constantly striving to get our students to develop a love for books as reading has myriad benefits. At the Reading

It is our collective and individual responsibility, to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live. An exciting Inter- House Quiz Competition was held at St Lawrence High School and Junior College on the topic Nature and Environment. The Competition was conducted among four houses. The teams comprised of students from classes 7, 8 and 9. There were 5 rounds , the Questionnaire round, Spin the Wheel, Visual round, Pictionary round and Dum Charades. The teams participated with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. The audience also actively participated in

Orison Swett Marden Once again, the student of St. Lawrence High School & Jr. College continued the winning legacy by excelling in the literary competition held at Delhi Public School. Miss Siya Jha of class 6 bagged the 3rd prize in the Ted Talk competition where she earnestly spoke on the topic 'Wonders I Wish I Could See’. She passionately presented her views on how human activities are a cause of destruction of human and natural wonders. Her talk was accompanied with an insightful graphic presentation. Through persistent efforts in learning language skills

A field trip was organised for the students of St. Lawrence and Junior College of grade 5 and 8 to Parle Chocolate Factory. An enthusiastic group of students and teachers was welcomed by a pleasant aroma of chocolates and candies. The main aim of this field trip was to give an insight to the students about the making of their favourite chocolate and the effort that goes into the chocolates they savour. The students were given adequate information about how chocolates are made. It was a fun and exciting experience for

An informative sex education workshop was organized at St. Lawrence High School & Junior College, for the students of grade 8. The speaker was Ms. Habiba Kudarati, Counselling Psychologist. Sex education workshops are essential for students as they provide them with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their sexual health. Adolescence is a period of rapid physical, emotional, and social change. During this time, students are developing their own identities and values, and they are beginning to explore their sexuality. These workshops aid students to understand the changes

A workshop on Experiential Emotional Education was organized for students of grades 8 and 9 of St. Lawrence High School and Junior College. The sessions were conducted by Ms. Habiba Kudrati, a counselling psychologist. As part of the workshop, students were taught to accept their feelings as well as their flaws. They were asked what they wanted to change about themselves. They were taught how to be calm, listen, and acknowledge their emotions. As a result, individuals were able to better understand their moods and why they were experiencing them. They

We, at St. Lawrence High School and Junior College, welcomed Lord Ganesha to our school with a lot of fervor and pomp. The Ganeshutsav went on for five days where the students of class 9 took up the complete charge of organizing the event. From making the eco-friendly ganpati idol, to decorating the pandal with a pertinent theme, to inviting the parents from each class to be a part of the celebration to arranging for all required materials, to distributing the prasad, the students took the responsibility head on. Organizing this

And yet again the students of St. Lawrence High School & Jr. College have proven the aforesaid by excelling in the Literary and Mathematics Competition held at Silver Oak Universal School. In the Declamation Competition, Miss Shravani Shinde bagged the 1st prize while Miss Mehvish Ansari bagged the 3rd. The young orators powerfully illustrated the ideas of Malaya Yousafzai and Kiran Bedi. Miss Durva Kulkarni stood 3rd while Mst. Harshit Maurya bagged consolation prize in the unique Math-O-Matic competition, a unique puzzle fostering mathematical thinking. The Lawrentian students are exposed to numerous oratory

And after putting in a lot of preparation, the students of St. Lawrence High School and Junior College have once again proven their mettle by winning in various competitions like Declamation, Quizzard, Extempore, Fancy Dress, Poetry Recitation, Book Cover Making, Advertisement Making, at the Inter- School Competition organised by Fravashi School.Yash Ghodekar of class 5 won the 2nd Prize in Fancy DressShravani Shinde of class 10 won the 2nd Prize in ExtemporeDevansh Patil of class 6 won the 3rd Prize in ExtemporePayal Patil of class 10 won the 2nd Prize