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Health and Hygiene at St Lawrence High School and Junior College!

“Cleanliness and good sanitation in school are matters of high importance” – Narendra Modi

At St. Lawrence High School and Junior College a hygiene activity was conducted for the Primary Section students where the Grade 1 and 2 students did a hand-wash activity and the students were taught how to wash their hands properly and told why it is significant to wash our hands.

While doing the activity the students learnt how handwashing helps to prevent spread infectious diseases. The Grade 3 students made a poster on personal hygiene which included hand-washing, proper haircuts, cutting nails, brushing teeth twice a day, having a bath and wearing clean clothes.

By doing this, the tiny ones of the primary section became self-independent as they learnt about self-care that contributes to healthy social and emotional development. Attempting to complete these activities on their own built their confidence and they felt a sense of accomplishment.

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