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How Do Bones Work?

Health is the most important factor in our life and students should learn how the body functions for optimal health.

At St.Lawrence High School & Junior we introduced the students to the types of bones in the human body and how they help us to move, walk and run from one place to another. They were also taught how bones protect all our vital organs by forming a cage around them.

In Grade 2 the students were introduced to the humerus bone and taught how we can rotate and swing our arms because of it. They were able to learn about it and mark where it is located ie – in the upper arm between the elbow and the shoulder.

They also learnt about the tibia which is one of the bones in our leg – precisely located in the lower leg between the knee and ankle. It helps us to walk, run and move from place to place.

The students were fascinated to learn about the complex systems of the body and how perfectly in harmony they work. They also determined to always take care of their body and be grateful for good health and balance.

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