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“हिन्दी हमारे राष्ट्र की अभिव्यक्ति का सरलतम स्रोत है।”
– सुमित्रानंदन पंत

St. Lawrence High School & Junior College celebrated Hindi Diwas with great enthusiasm and a poignant theme that centred around pollution and the personified grief of soil and rivers.

The program featured a diverse range of performances, including a captivating welcome dance, a heartfelt Hindi speech, a melodious song by the school choir, and a powerful musical presentation titled “Dharati ki Pukar,” which depicted the grief and agony of the soil and rivers, illustrating the detrimental effects of harmful pollution on these vital natural resources.

The Hindi Diwas celebration at St. Lawrence High School & Junior College successfully conveyed the importance of addressing pollution and nurturing a clean and healthy environment. The event served as a platform for students to showcase their talent and creativity while raising awareness about pressing environmental issues. The appreciation from the chief guest, Mrs. Pramila Khaitan, highlighted the impact and significance of the celebration, encouraging everyone to continue their efforts in preserving the well-being of our soil and rivers.

The programme concluded with a vote of thanks.

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