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Be the voice for the voiceless!

At St Lawrence High School and Junior College the Grade 1 students were introduced to the Endangered Species to know more about how the environment is suffering day by day.

Every week they learnt about an endangered Species and the story of how they are getting extinct slowly; be it the Slender horned gazelle, the Finback whale, the Jaguar, the sand cat or the Tasmanian tiger. The students learnt their characteristics, where they are found, what they eat and how they look.

The students raised awareness about this topic in every class and to the parents also by showing different flash cards and by discussing how the absence of these animals on earth will affect all of us adversely. Just because they don’t have a voice doesn’t mean we can keep strangling them.

They learnt important lessons about how to stop animal abuse and how to ban animal origin products like fur, leather and more.

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