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Getting to know the world through Eric Carle’s eyes!

“The story is truly finished—and meaning is made—not when the author adds the last period, but when the reader enters the story….” – Celeste NG

At St. Lawrence High School and Junior College the Grade 1 students learnt about how to write a story. They were introduced to their 1st author of the year – “Eric Carl” in the 1st week of school itself. Our little budding authors learnt different art techniques like collage work, scrambling, textured painting etc. used by Carle in his books. They learnt how to draw a star in their art books by using crayons and then they finger painted the insides of their stars.

They were also taught how to formulate the ideas in their head into stories and narratives imaginatively and creatively. They learnt, through some of Eric Carl’s books, how they can write stories about their day to day lives and they were very happy to start trying this process.

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