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It is impossible to think of our planet without its lush green forests. However, with rapid urbanization, the lush forest cover has dwindled to almost nothingness.

In order to remedy this grave situation, St. Lawrence High School along with NGO Aple Pariyavaran organized a Tree Plantation Drive.

As part of this drive, the students of grade 10 planted saplings of native trees like as Shami (Prosopis Cineraria), Siam (Chromolaena odorata ),Dikamali( Gardenia Gummifera), and others in the Devrai Forest.

The students were also taught about planting native trees, how it affects the eco system, and why it is critical to maintain the balance of the urban ecology. Students on a quest to give back to the community and the environment discovered that their small efforts may make the world a greener place by planting trees. They also discovered that while tree planting is not a complete answer to climate change, it does contribute to a greener and healthier future.

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