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“Sexuality education is about teaching children how to have healthy relationships, make informed decisions, and protect themselves.” – Maggie Scarf

An informative sex education workshop was organized at St. Lawrence High School & Junior College, for the students of grade 8. The speaker was Ms. Habiba Kudarati, Counselling Psychologist.

Sex education workshops are essential for students as they provide them with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their sexual health. Adolescence is a period of rapid physical, emotional, and social change. During this time, students are developing their own identities and values, and they are beginning to explore their sexuality. These workshops aid students to understand the changes and to make healthy choices about their health.
The information was presented in a clear and engaging way and a safe environment of trust and openness was fostered by the speaker Ms. Habiba Kudrati, where students felt safe to ask questions and seek clarification.
Overall, the sex education workshop was a valuable experience for the students of grade 8 and was conducted by the school with the aim of welfare of the students.

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