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The way milk is procured!

The Grade 1 students of St. Lawrence High School and Junior College learnt about the entire process of how edible milk reaches our homes. They were aware of how all households consume milk regularly but they didn’t know about the amount of effort it takes to make that milk reach us – from the dairy to the factory and then from the factory to the markets.

They learnt that milk is always stored in vats and how important these containers are to preserve milk. They also learnt about the steps involved in the whole process – like rearing, harvesting, transporting, pasteurization, homogenization, tasting, storage and packaging. They were also shown some Tetra Packs of milk to check the manufacturing date and expiry date.

From this lesson they learnt the value of milk and also how to appreciate everyone involved in the process and not take things for granted. They got to know more about their world and how to become better citizens for living in it.

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