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The world is their oyster!

Today’s children will grow up in a very globalised world where no place is too far and no culture too new. Hence they will have to grow up learning as much as possible about the world and the people in it.

Hence, as a part of social studies, we at St Lawrence High School and Junior College, introduced the students to different countries and cultures of the world – specifically USA and UK this month. They were given a clearer idea of the physical features of these terrains and also how that affects the food, habits, language clothing and culture of the place.

They observed the flags and the 3D map of the countries and discussed more details with their teacher. They were able to make a comparison with their own homeland and appreciate the differences and similarities between the places.

All of this information can teach learners to become more well-rounded individuals as they embark on life’s journey after they graduate high school.

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