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Trees represent life, growth, peace and nature. Trees play a significant role in our ecosystem, maintaining balance among nature’s elements. They also help regulate the climate of a place.
To inculcate this value of the importance of trees among our students, on 5th June 2024, a tree plantation drive was organized at St. Lawrence High School and Junior College on the occasion of World Environmental Day.
The aim of the drive was to raise awareness among students and to encourage them to participate in activities that help protect the planet.
The students of class 10 along with the Managing Trustee and Founder Principal
Mrs. Summan Datta and our Trustee Col. Vijaykumar Datta planted various native saplings like Neem, Mahogany, Rain tree and Karanj in the school campus. They were also taught how to take care of the plants, and were encouraged to visit the site regularly to monitor their growth and development. More students of class 10 went to Devrai forest for conservation of trees. Students carried water and manure with them to nurture the plants.
Students understood how cutting down trees mercilessly has impacted the environment adversely. They also discovered that if future generations want to enjoy Mother Earth’s resources and privileges, then it’s important that they plant and save trees today.

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