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The magic of new beginnings at St.Lawrence High School and Junior College!!

Every new academic year begins with lots of enthusiasm and determination. Before preparing the students for this new journey at hand it is more important to prepare the teachers because they are the ones who mould many young lives each day. A happy teacher equals happy students and our school kept this in mind and organised fun activities to welcome back their teachers.

There were games to prep the teachers and to boost their cheerfulness. They were all given effective affirmations to apply through the year which rejuvenated them all.

There was a talk with the management which highlighted the importance of fostering in the children a habit of reading and acquiring General Knowlege. Many ideas regarding proper time management were discussed by everyone so that all can work efficiently together. There were also discussions about how team work is crucial to make a succes out of any organisation or any endeavour.

Lastly the meet-up ended with a renewed vow to connect deeply with each child and to create lots of value in their lives so that they can flourish and grow.

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