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A journey through Peru!

“By understanding people we will be able to see their similarities before the differences.”


  • Suzy Kassem

Keeping this in mind, at St.Lawrence High School & Junior College, the Grade 2 students learn about different countries & their cultures every so often. This helps to build a sense of global community in them and they learn to respect everyone. It also teaches them about the culture of different lands and broadens their minds’ horizons.

This time the students were introduced to Peru, which is situated in the continent of South America. They learnt about the flag of Peru and how 2 flags are used there 1 coated with arms & 1 without. They were taken on a virtual tour where they learned about the Andes, which are very big mountains in Peru. The famous Amazon Rainforest is also located in Peru.

They also learnt how this country is famous for mountains, beaches, desert areas & forests and is home to a rich animal kingdom varying from wild animals to insects and even birds. The people who live in Peru are known as Peruvians. The students also learnt how to say “good afternoon” & “hello” in Spanish, as that is the National Language of Peru.
They enjoyed learning about Peru & their tradition & culture a lot.

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