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A New Dawn of Leadership: St. Lawrence Investiture 2024-25

The vibrant spirit of leadership bloomed at St. Lawrence High School and Junior College as they held their annual Investiture Ceremony, marking the dawn of the 2024-25 academic year. The ceremony was graced by the esteemed presence of the Managing Trustee and Founder Principal, Mrs. Summan Datta, and Trustee Col. Vijay Kumar Datta. The ceremony resonated with a profound sense of responsibility and commitment as the newly elected student council members donned the mantle of leadership.
The atmosphere crackled with exuberance and anticipation as the ceremony commenced with a soulful rendition by the school choir, symbolizing the spirit of unity and working together. The release of balloons symbolized the students’ aspirations and unwavering spirit as they embarked on this new chapter. Witnessing the badge of honour being bestowed upon the Head Girl, Miss Senjuti Dutta, and Head Boy, Master Prajwal Shirsath, along with the other council members, instilled a sense of pride and purpose.
Summan ma’am’s address served as an inspirational beacon, emphasizing the significance of leading by example and upholding the values of integrity, unity and compassion.
The investiture ceremony marked a significant chapter in the school’s history, as it ushered in a new era of student leadership. The newly elected council members are now entrusted with the responsibility of leading their peers with aplomb and decorum, while upholding the esteemed traditions of St. Lawrence High School and Junior College.

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