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An ode to Odissi at St Lawrence High School and Junior college!

The grade 1 students of St. Lawrence High School and Junior College made their Indian Studies period more joyful by getting to know their country better. They learnt about the Indian state – Odissa – specifically about the Odissi dance-form performed there.

Oriya music, to which the Odissi dancers dance, was played for the students. The students tried to stomp their feet and use powerful gestures. They also tried to use the powerful mudras depicted in mythology along with appropriate expressions.

The various dance forms that have originated in India, all stand for her culture and values and traditions and this gets reflected through the bright attire and ornaments of the dancers, their graceful and impactful postures and their meaningful facial expressions.

Our students enjoyed watching a beautiful video and learnt the essence of the sentence – “once a dancer always a dancer.”

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