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In both farming and life, hard work and perseverance always pay off!

Children like to spend their time with nature and how beautiful it is to teach them in the same environment. The students of Grade 4 of St. Lawrence High School and Junior College visited “Sahyadri Farms” to enrich their understanding about agriculture and the nation’s economy.

The purpose of the visit was to understand the importance of agriculture in organic farming and how development in technology has helped in sustainability of farms and farming systems. The staff at Sahyadri Farms explained the primary objective of Sahyadri farms which is to provide the best of infrastructure and adequate production and processing facilities to the farmers. Without this support they can’t secure a good produce of crops due to frugality of resources and operations.

The students were informed about the procedures that are undertaken, so that the farmers can increase quality and productivity as per global standards using enhanced technology. This field visit taught them how in modern times we need to integrate all our ancient knowledge with developing machinery and come with the most efficient solutions.

We at St. Lawrence focus on raising responsible children who can tackle the real-world problems that they will face in their future. This field trip gave them a clearer perspective about modern farming as their future ambition. Through this the students of Grade 4 understood the importance of farmers and appreciated the hard work that they put in.

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