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Appreciation that leads to Inspiration!

We at St. Lawrence High School and Junior College have always observed that students and teachers get boosted when they are appreciated or praised for their work. Similarly, the students also feel motivated and charged up when they are appreciated for their homework or any task.

Getting this kind of validation from their teachers often builds self-confidence in a child. Throughout the year, the Star of the Week child is appreciated in every class in the Primary Section and that child gets the class plant to take home for 2 days. The children look forward to this ritual and follow the rules, take care of each other, complete their homework and earn points.

This year also, at the end of the academic year, the best classes were chosen and the School Management congratulated them by offering them a token of love. This was done so that more children are encouraged to perform better and make it a habit to show good conduct. Only when examples are set and given their necessary dues, does change come about in any community and we at St Lawrence believe in ushering in this change from a young age.

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