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Appropriate and Inappropriate Touch!

At St Lawrence High School and Junior College, the Primary students were introduced to “Appropriate and Inappropriate Touch” in the Groom Shroom session.

This session categorically aimed to safeguard and protect our budding young adults by making them more aware about their bodies and about social interactions with others. The children learnt to identify the “No touch” areas and understood that who all are safe adults and whom to report when there is any alarming situation.

They also learnt to handle strangers and say ‘NO’ to unwanted touches by running away or shouting out loud. The students promised to inform the concerned adults about such occurrences and immediately report someone who tells them to hide something from their parents.

This presentation helped our little ones to become aware of what all dangers they can encounter from an early age and how to tackle them. The motto of the session was to enlighten the children that their body belongs to them and they need to stay safe and secure.

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