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‘Bright girls are bold and confident. They’re not ashamed or scared of their period or their body’. ― Demi Spaccavento

It is imperative that we empower our kids with knowledge so that they can deal with situations effectively. With this aim, a Workshop on Menstruation, Hygiene and Wellness was arranged for the mothers and daughters of grade 6 at St. Lawrence High School & Junior College to help students understand the changes in their body during their menses and ways to deal with it.

The workshop was conducted by Dr. Ranjith Mehta and Dr. Mrs. Nanda Mehta. The objective of this session was to create general awareness amongst the girls on the changes that occur in their bodies, what menstruation cycle is and the dos and donts to be followed during menses. The students understood what exactly menstrual cycle is and the premenstrual symptoms like cramps, fatigue and changes in mood and energy. The highlight of the session was busting the myths surrounding menstruation.

The session concluded with a question round where the doctors clarified all the doubts of the attendees. The informative session was appreciated by students and parents alike.

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