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“Knowledge is a treasure but practice is the key to it.”

An Inter House Mathematics Quiz was organized for the students of Grade V-X at St. Lawrence High School and Junior College, in Junior and Senior category. Participants of all four Houses participated actively in the quiz competition.

Quiz contests are a great way of analysing how well one understands a subject and correlates the theoretical knowledge with its practical application in real life.

The format of the quiz entailed five rounds: Warm-up round, Choose the topic round, Visual round, Rapid-fire round, Puzzle round. Teams not only had to attend to the ‘out-of-the- box’ nature of various questions but also had to think logically all under the constant pressure of time. Students confidently responded to the questions and applied their skills to solve the mathematical problems within the time limit.

Teams showcased their enthusiasm while solving tough maths questions and identifying the famous mathematicians from the pictures provided to them. In the closely contested competition, in Junior category Lotus House has bagged the first position, Tulip House -second and Marigold third. In the Senior category, Marigold House emerged as the winner, the second position was shared by Tulip House and Lotus House.

The Managing Trustee and Founder Principal, Ms. Summan Datta and Trustee , Col Vijay Kumar Datta Congratulated the winners and inspired the students to participate in such competitions, which will help them to learn and stretch their horizons of knowledge .

The competition on the whole was an enriching and learning experience for the students. It encouraged students to grow beyond their textual knowledge and explore their true potential.

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