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Art Attack at St. Lawrence!

There were happy faces giggling around and fun and frolic everywhere at St. Lawrence High School and Junior College on the last weekend of 2022 – during the event called “Art Attack”!

The idea behind this fete was to give everyone a break from studies and the usual routine. The children got an opportunity to indulge in different activities and games. The preparations had started 3 weeks in advance and many innovative ideas and creations came up during this time.

The decor was so welcoming and it made the children feel happy. There were 15 stations with various fun art activities like ‘Dark Room’, ‘Mask Making’, ‘Envelope Making’, ‘Hairstyling’, ‘Leaf Painting’ etc. Every station grabbed the attention of all children. There also was great music and food.

Each child loved creating new out of the box things as per each station’s theme. They couldn’t get enough of the different themes and ideas and even the parents of the children enthusiastically pushed them to participate and create. A live venture of watching thousands of juniors flying in the sky with beautiful shades of colours was witnessed by all the teachers and parents.

Every single effort of the management and teachers paid off on seeing the sheer happiness on each child’s face. It was really a memorable day for every Lawrentian.

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