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The Festival of Harvest and new beginnings!

To celebrate the auspicious festival of harvest – Makar Sankranti – the Lawrentians dressed up as Maharashtrians, Punjabis, South Indians, Bengalis and Assamese. Even though this festival has different names in the different states of India – Sankranti, pongal, Lohri – it is celebrated with the same spirit of gratitude and appreciation towards Mother Nature and the bountiful crops and food that we can cultivate on her soil.

The students learnt about the significance of Sankranti and also about the science behind eating specific foods like sesame seeds, groundnuts and jaggery during this time of the year. They made pictures of bonfires, earthen pots, til laddus and kites. The teachers also taught them all how to fly kites with caution and care – while also enjoying the ritual.

The students enjoyed the celebration and learnt that sankranti depicts the start of a period of peace, prosperity and goodwill.


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