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The Lawrentians put up their Annual Day Show “Umeed” With Great Enthusiasm!

The primary students of St Lawrence put up a spectacular show about “The Story of Zero” at their annual day show called – “Umeed. UMEED which means hope, is what the world thrives on. It is “umeed” in our own capabilities that helps us overcome situations which look daunting and hence the show was named Umeed.

Our Chief Guest and popular Marathi actor – Mr. Amey Wagh and our special guest Mr. Shashank Khaitan – the Bollywood Director, were astounded by the performance of the students and were impressed by the message conveyed by them.

The event started off with a welcome speech by the school Trustee, Ms.Nalini Datta in which she emphasised the importance of tapping the potential of every child and believing in them. Our Managing Trustee and Founder Principal, Ms. Summan Datta appreciated the efforts of the students, teachers and parents for all the efforts they put in.

Around 2000 parents applauded the efforts and dedication of the Lawrentian team. Atul Narang’s Dance institute worked hard to train the students and were the backbone of the show. The grand finale of the show was an enthralling spectacle for every audience member.

The participants were given special gifts at the end of the show for their hard work and dedication and they were thrilled. All in all, this whole event was a resounding success.

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