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Junior Graduates Of 2022-2023!

Turning Tassel.

We believe that graduation day is a meaningful day for everyone, we all have different thoughts, diverse emotions, and we are all excited to think we have accomplished a short-term goal in our way to attain our long-term goals.

At St. Lawrence High School and Junior College , Grade 4 celebrated their graduation day. It is one of the most awaited days in every child’s life.

The students shared their experiences from the day they walked in the school and were toddlers. It was an exciting moment where every child could relate and recall all the memories and today they were standing tall ,more confident and expressive . The school choir sang a song of gratitude, because gratitude is what beautifies nature in every aspect.

Our Founder Principal Summan ma’am inspired the students and mothers and insisted on spending quality time with each other because eventually they learn from their elders more. She also encouraged everyone to believe in themselves and become better than what they are today.

The teachers too shared their feelings through dance and gave them well wishes for their journey ahead. The students promised to enjoy their secondary school life.

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