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More on the festival of lights!

The primary section students of St. Lawrence High School and Junior College enjoyed different activities in this year’s Diwali celebration. The celebration wasn’t just about creating wonderous things but also instilled in them a civic sense on how to use waste materials and be creative.

When they made lanterns from waste products they learnt the importance of an eco-friendly Diwali. The students also learnt about the importance of banning crackers and making this year’s Diwali a clean celebration in every sense. They were taught how crackers are very harmful to every living being and to Mother nature.

Our future generation needs to value the environment and protect and conserve it no matter what. So, from a young age they need to learn that festivals cannot become an excuse to pollute their mother earth.

Through their celebration at St Lawrence High School and Junior College they were able to renew their determination to become more responsible citizens of the world and make this Diwali truly a beautiful one.

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