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The science of vinegar at St Lawrence High School and Junior College!

The Grade 2 students of St. Lawrence High School and Junior College did a science experiment using vinegar to test its properties as a preservative and an explosive.

They learnt that when an apple is cut and kept exposed to air for a few minutes, it turns brown. However, if a layer of vinegar is applied to the apple slice, then its acidic nature hinders the enzymatic activity that is responsible for the apple turning brown; thus the apple stays fresh.

The students also experimented with vinegar and soda which created an explosion. They took a small paper glass and added vinegar to it with a drop of food colour. When they added soda to it, bubbles started forming and the liquid spilled out within a few seconds.

Thus they created their own miniature volcano with the makeshift lava pouring out. They were able to learn how the actual phenomenon of a volcano from the crust of the earth occurs.

Hands on experiments like these help the child to be imaginative and also observe what all the properties of the elements in their surroundings are. This is what brings about true learning.

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