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Story time made serious at St Lawrence!

At St Lawrence High School and Junior College our Grade 1 students are introduced to different stories every month in their Kathalaya sessions, which started this year. The stories are almost done like a subject with a 4-week curriculum that pays detailed attention to morals, values, language, life skills and more. It’s not just a casual narration.

So this time our little budding authors read a new story called – ‘Six Silly Cats with Callico Caps’. They were introduced to the story and tried to re-tell it after 2 narrations of it. This helped in increasing their retention and ability to form sentences.

Then in week 2 of the story they did an art activity, where they made Callico caps with waste newspaper and this helped to enhance their creativity and again helped them remember the events of the story. They also learnt how to re-use and re-cycle. In week 3, they were told to completely narrate the story on their own with short and easy sentences and they even had a discussion about comprehension questions related to the story.

The culminating week was all about the discussion of what the story taught them from the point of view of life skills and moral values. They also applied the learnings to their own lives and discussed how they would have behaved if they were ever in a situation like that.

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