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‘Music is the strongest form of magic’

St. Lawrence High School and Jr. College organized an ‘Instrumental Music Competition’ for the students of the Secondary section. The competition was judged by Ms. Janhvi Kejiriwal Ma’am, a music lover herself.
The competition was organized to expose the students to the world of music, while also enhancing their confidence and presentation skills.
Students of class 5 to 9 participated in this competition. Each student selected his or her own piece of music to play for the competition keeping in mind Rhythm, Originality, Beat and Coordination. The students played instruments like Keyboard, Guitar, and Tabla. They were judged on the basis of Rhythm, Melody, Coordination of the Instrument with the Rhythm. Playing the instruments with passion and zeal, each participant pulled at the heartstrings of the audience and had them grooving to their tunes. The Judge acknowledged that the untapped potential among the students will lead them to the path of glory.
The aim of this competition was to encourage the passion for the singing of students and provide a place to showcase their talent. The event received an overwhelming response.

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