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St. Lawrence High School and Jr. College organized an ‘Instrumental Music Competition’ for the students of the Secondary section. The competition was judged by Ms. Janhvi Kejiriwal Ma’am, a music lover herself.The competition was organized to expose the students to the world of music, while also enhancing their confidence and presentation skills.Students of class 5 to 9 participated in this competition. Each student selected his or her own piece of music to play for the competition keeping in mind Rhythm, Originality, Beat and Coordination. The students played instruments like Keyboard,

“ Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time” - Thomas A Edison.We at St. Lawerence High School &Junior college believe that ………..Life is certainly a beautiful mess and the young students and youth go through a lot of rough patches that ultimately transform them into mature individuals. Patience and perseverance are the key to tackling arduous situations but we often long for that push that can send us in the right direction.Movies have been and still,