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The Juniors’ excursion to agro land at St. Lawrence High School and Junior College!

The Grade 4 students were super excited when they got to know that their field trip this year was to ‘Sahyadri Farms’ – a place which is India’s largest integrated platform for fruits and vegetables. It’s always enjoyable for the kids when you correlate academics with practical knowledge.

After reaching the place, the children were guided by the people about the importance of farming in today’s life. The guides also explained to them how they practise farming using new technologies.

It was very fascinating for the children to experience horticulture farming in a small area. The journey of their food items from ‘field’ to ‘fork’ was seen first hand by all the juniors.

The fruits and vegetables grown in the farms were later used for making various other products and half were sold there as well as outside. This farm is India’s largest grape exporter since 2015 and all children felt proud to be citizens of Nashik knowing this.

Some of the machinery of the farm was under maintenance so the children couldn’t see it all. However they came back to school with happy faces and even happier hearts. They were so awed to see the concept of agriculture so closely and their curiosity was piqued and how!

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