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A trip to Fiji!

All year along, the Grade 2 students of St.Lawrence High School and Junior College are taught about the different continents on earth and the Countries situated in them.

This month they also saw how there are some groups of islands which are not exactly a part of any continent but are independent. The one they studied about this time were the Fiji Islands. They learnt how these islands don’t belong to any continent and comprise of 333 islands in all.

They were taught about the geographic location and topography of these islands and also learnt how they come under the UK flag even though they are situated in the South Pacific Ocean.

They got to know about the famous crops of Fiji which are bananas, coconut palms and cocoa. The people living in Fiji Islands are just like us. There are Hindus, Muslims and Christians living here. The people living in Fiji are called Fijians.

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