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Field trip fun at St Lawrence High School and Junior College!

“Bakers make the world smell better!”

To make this quote more meaningful the Grade 1 students of St. Lawrence high school and Junior College were taken for a field trip to Puffs and rolls bakery, Nashik. All students were very excited to see the happenings of such a delicious place.

Students learnt how to make different bakery products and not just cakes. They were provided with the information and were shown all the utensils and equipment used in the kitchen as well as the big oven where the bakers bake breads and cakes. They were also told about how hygiene is maintained in their kitchen.

The learning objective of this field trip was to encourage students to get hands-on experience of a Bakery so that they learn about the practical application of theoretical concepts.

It was a fun filled and mouth watering experience for students.

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