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Graduation day at St.Lawrence High School and Junior College!!

At St. Lawrence High School and Junior College we celebrated graduation day for the Grade 4 students, who are going to soon start their new and exciting journey of secondary section. Graduation is a huge milestone in every student’s life and this day was dedicated to making it just that for them all!

The decor and the preparations were done beautifully and every child felt proud and nostalgic at the same time. Even the teachers were quite emotional.

The students shared their experiences and thoughts about their primary section school life and how the school has helped them to grow and develop into fine individuals. The school choir sang a motivational song which uplifted the show with happiness and hope in everyone’s life.

Our Trustee – Col. Vijaykumar Datta inspired the students and mothers by giving a very simple example of how to spend quality time with each other and how it will help the children to learn more from their parents.

The teachers enacted a skit showing the importance of parents’ time in their children’s lives, and also how it is vital for a child to understand their parents’ hardwork.

The parents shared their experiences too. One mother shared that during COVID-19 when she lost her mother-in-law and husband within 5 days how the Lawrentian Family supported her children in every way when she needed it the most.

At last the teachers performed an energetic dance to pep up the show. It was indeed a joyous and a memorable day for our little wonders to move one step ahead towards a future full of hopes and possibilities of their school life.

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