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Paper – The canvas for your ideas!

At St. Lawrence High School and Junior College, we believe that when students participate in experiential learning they gain better understanding and knowledge. Over the whole year the Grade 1 students learnt about the processes of obtaining leather, clothes, milk and bread as a part of their Inquiry session.

Recently, they learnt how to make Paper. In this theme they were introduced to every step of paper making right from obtaining the wood from timbre, to making it a pulp, to converting the pulp to paper.

To best understand the concept, the students reused waste paper and up-cycled it to make fresh handmade paper on their culminating day. They made pulp out of waste paper, blended it, added new color and finally cut out sheets from the pulp after drying it.

Through this activity our children learnt the importance of reusing and recycling paper so that lesser trees are cut for wood pulp. They got closer to their environment, appreciated a daily commodity like paper and also satisfied their creativity by making something new with their own hands.

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