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Republic Day at St. Lawrence

Dawn splashed a palette of orange and gold upon St. Lawrence High School & Junior College as India awoke to the 75th Republic Day. The crisp air vibrated with patriotic fervor as esteemed guests – Ms. Summan Datta, the Managing Trustee & Founder Principal of the school and Trustee Col. Vijay Kumar Datta graced the occasion.
Col. Datta hoisted the tricolour against the vibrant canvas of the sky. The national anthem, a solemn chorus of voices young and old, resonated through the quadrangle, each word etching memories of sacrifice and freedom.
Students, transformed into artists of patriotism, wove tales of resilience through dance and songs. Eloquent speeches, brimming with youthful conviction, explored the tapestry of democracy, urging all to embrace the mantle of nation-builders.
Col. Datta, his voice an echo of experiences, implored the young minds to be torchbearers of progress, architects of a future where liberty and equality flourish. Mrs. Datta, with words as nurturing as sunlight, applauded students’ spirit, urging them to translate passion into action.
The day’s celebrations were not merely a spectacle, but a potent reminder of the sacrifices made for freedom and the responsibilities that come with it. As the echoes of the national song faded, a renewed sense of purpose and unity filled the air, leaving parents, teachers and students alike with the unwavering belief in the power of a united nation.

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