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The only thing standing between you and outrageous success is continuous progress” – Dan Waldschmidt Once again, the students of St. Lawrence High School & Jr. College brought laurels to the school by winning at the Inter School Competition held at Symbiosis School. In the Puppet Play with a Moral Competition, Miss Reva Tambulkar of grade 7 bagged the 1st prize and in the Tedcast Competition , Mst. Tanmay Chaudhary of grade 10, secured the 2nd prize. Lawrentians are greatly benefited by the school curriculum which provides weekly story sessions, newspaper reading and

Dawn splashed a palette of orange and gold upon St. Lawrence High School & Junior College as India awoke to the 75th Republic Day. The crisp air vibrated with patriotic fervor as esteemed guests - Ms. Summan Datta, the Managing Trustee & Founder Principal of the school and Trustee Col. Vijay Kumar Datta graced the occasion.Col. Datta hoisted the tricolour against the vibrant canvas of the sky. The national anthem, a solemn chorus of voices young and old, resonated through the quadrangle, each word etching memories of sacrifice and freedom.Students,

The students of classes 8 and 9 of St. Lawrence High School and Junior College made delicious and mouth - watering chocolates as part of their Scout and Guide activity. The students added nuts, choco chips, honey, icing sugar etc. to add flavour. They made chocolates in various sizes and shapes ; oval, circular bars and blocks.This activity was conducted to develop their culinary talent and skills of making chocolates which is an all time favorite.

Makar Sankranti is around the corner and the cries of joy can be heard all over . But is celebrating our festivals at the cost of harming some species in our environment worth it? The answer is obviously a big ‘No’ and so we at St.Lawrence High School and Junior College celebrated the festival in our own unique way by organizing a ‘ Ban Nylon Manja’ awareness campaign where the students of classes 5 to 7 participated in a chart making competition and the students of class 8 participated in