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Makar Sankranti is around the corner and the cries of joy can be heard all over . But is celebrating our festivals at the cost of harming some species in our environment worth it? The answer is obviously a big ‘No’ and so we at St.Lawrence High School and Junior College celebrated the festival in our own unique way by organizing a ‘ Ban Nylon Manja’ awareness campaign where the students of classes 5 to 7 participated in a chart making competition and the students of class 8 participated in a slogan writing competition. Through their charts and slogans, they demonstrated their creative ideas for flying kites safely and urged everyone around to use a substitute for Nylon Manja.

We at St.Lawrence truly believe in the quote ‘ I ,Too Can Make A Difference’ and through these activities we try to imbibe in our students, the value of being compassionate towards other creatures and being mindful of our actions.

The day culminated with the students and teachers discussing about the hazards of using Nylon Manja not just on our feathered friends but also on fellow humans.

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