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Eating etiquette at St Lawrence!

At St Lawrence High School and Junior College we believe that children’s education is complete only when they are holistically fostered in every aspect of their lives and not just academics. The Grade 2 students were taught table manners as an important life skill to be developed right from now. We told them to bring some bowls, plates and spoons for this.

Good manners are a way of showing other people that we respect them and they help us to be civil to one another and teach us how to act in every situation.

All the students learnt how to eat and behave on a dining table whether at home or in a restaurant or anywhere else outside. They learnt to communicate and be helpful to the hosts and/or guests depending on the situation. They also learnt some etiquettes to be applied during the process of eating which included the appropriate use of cutlery and crockery.

By doing this activity we aimed to make good table manners a natural part of the child’s lifestyle.

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