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Science project at St Lawrence High School!

The Grade 4 budding scientists of St. Lawrence High School and Junior College displayed their scientific knowledge and skills when they made a project depicting the water cycle. It was a project that brought out their creativity as they represented the most important cycle of nature – that affects all our lives. Every child had complete clarity about how water changes its form again and again – solid, liquid and gas – and keeps on helping the survival of all living beings on earth.

They all got to visually see how water keeps moving within the Earth and atmosphere all year long. It is a complex system that includes many different processes. Liquid water evaporates into water vapor, condenses to form clouds, and precipitates back to earth in the form of rain and snow.

The students used mud, cotton, glitter, thread and more to make their models more impressive. They put in 100% of hard work and dedication towards the project. Lastly they ended up explaining the water cycle verbally to everyone in the classroom and shared additional views with others students.

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